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To be brutally honest I was so engrossed in the game that I did not notice there were no fans. Perhaps that was because I do not go to away games, I usually just watch a stream or listen to the radio or sometimes just follow #Twitter depending upon where I am. I also didn't opt for the fake crowd noise because perhaps I know it is fake, but I understand why some people will like it.

However, I think it will really hit home on Tuesday because we play at home and I would normally be there watching the game and chatting to my mates as the game progresses. I also think it will impact the players, initially but hopefully they will soon adapt because we need the 3 points to keep the #UCL dream alive.

Members of the LCFCFamily were today offered the opportunity of joining the very first #BTsport Virtual Supporter Wall and a free pass to the watch the game live. So naturally we took the opportunity to be on TV. It was interesting to get a behind the scenes perspective of how a live sporting broadcast is put together. It seemed like chaos at times and I thought some TV pundits were better than others, Rio and Jake were great and our very own Frank Sinclair played his part too and Robbie, well Robbie was just Robbie! We had to be on-line from 10:30 am so it was a long stint and occasionally we got a WhatsApp message saying 'we are coming to you wave your scarfs'! But, what I really missed today with the wall was the ability to communicate with fellow LCFC fans. We could see each other but not talk to each other!

The concept I was trying to achieve when I built this web site was that #LCFC fans would be able to watch the game together and if they wish share match banter together making it more like a real life experience. I don't know anyone who goes to the game and keeps totally silent throughout the game so that part of the wall did not work for me today. OK, we could chat using #WhatsApp but that becomes a bit tedious and if you are a slow typist like me, I would have missed half of the game staring down at my phone!

The very nature of the game invokes debate and discussion before, during and after the game and that's what I am trying to achieve with this web site.

So for the Brighton game if you don't have access to SKY or just want to have a chat with fellow LCFC fans just before, whilst watching and after the game on your own TV or using my Zoom account you will be most welcome to join us. If your not already a member sign up for free and grab a free matchday ticket for the Brighton game. We will be on-line from 17:45 pm to 20:15 pm for a combined pre match pint, in match banter and the of course the post match meltdown!

I guess the most poignant point I realised today is that the powers that be now need to make it a priority to get fans back inside football stadiums. They are the lifeblood of the game and football in the long term in its current form would struggle to survive without us. I would happily sacrifice any money being spent of transfers in this coming window if that money was directed towards getting us back where we belong on the terraces.

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