About Us

LCFCFamily was founded on Twitter in July 2012 by Paul Rains a life long Leicester City fan and season ticket holder as a hobby! The LCFC journey since then has been the stuff of dreams and is well documented and we now have over 11,000 followers.. But the pandemic in 2020 has highlighted that we can no longer take the bi-weekly trip to the King Power stadium for granted as we now face an uncertain period and wonder when we will ever get to see our team play again except on TV behind closed doors..


So we created this new multilingual web site to bring together like minded LCFC fans from all over the world who love watching live football, miss the banter and camaraderie and atmosphere of match day and we are are now a dedicated Virtual Supporters Fan Club web site that brings you a virtual match day experience, the latest news, updates, special events, and much more to our community. We pride ourselves on being a fun and collaborative environment, where people from all over the world who follow Leicester City can come together in fan unity.